Advancing Situational Awareness in the Offshore Environment

Solutions to make your offshore project a success

From supporting teams to be more efficient to handling unexpected staff shortages with ease - we have solutions tailored to your project.

4D Nav provides offshore engineering and construction teams with the tools they need to keep projects safe and efficient.

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providing extreme telepresence for 10+ years

Expertise and real-world experience are the foundations of 4D Nav. Our team is composed of industry experts who know what it takes to successfully manage large-scale projects, onshore and offshore.

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4D Nav is a company with a foundation of success and experience that continues to be built and strengthened by our team of experts.  We are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovative approaches to provide our clients with professional services that ensure confidence in the projects in which we are involved.

Real-Time Calculations Engine

From basic two-dimensional calculations to the complicated three-dimensional modeling of a catenary, the 4D Nav software surpasses traditional real-time positioning software by incorporating awareness of 3D elements such as the seafloor and subsea structures. Combined with robust surface and subsurface positioning algorithms the result is a powerful real-time visualization package for the most challenging of offshore operations.

Remote Solutions

Designed to work with the company’s unique internal processes, our remote solution will provide a complete solution in support of offshore projects.

The 4D Nav remote solution has a solid track record completing over 200 projects in the last three years.

Command and Control

The Command & Control Systems provides planning, monitoring, control, and telepresence between vessels and project management team members both onshore and offshore to reduce cost and carbon footprint.  

The system features:

• SIMOPS planning and monitoring, and scenario reports
• Management of vessels / fleet activities
• Production of Gantt charts to manage schedules
• Asset Management
• Web hosted collaborative system with cloud managed data

3D Modeling and Navigation

At the heart of 4D Nav’s software is our ability to model and display three-dimensional data in real-time. Our software’s unique architecture will enable our clients to view in real-time, the potential issues that may not have been identified with your typical two-dimensional view.


Developed by a team of software engineers with real-world marine industry experience, NavView provides real-time positioning and navigation solutions for marine professionals. Since our inception in 2008, 4D Nav has continued designing and developing groundbreaking solutions that empower marine professionals to work more efficiently.

Industry-leading software lineup:

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Gain total control with command & control

Command & Control is more than a simple software solution - it's a comprehensive all-in-one system that enables engineering and construction teams to plan, monitor, and control projects effectively.

Simops and asset management

Command & Control provides project teams with the ability to manage their fleets using SIMOPS tools and to view the state of infrastructure installation or decommissioning with asset management.

Seamless integration with navview

Command & Control is based on NavView to provide extensive visualization and montoring helping offshore teams reduce cost and carbon footprints.

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Photo of the 4D Nav ROCS remote survey solution.

Remote survey solution

The 4D Nav remote survey solution provides a small form factor remote system making it easy to deploy turnkey systems Worldwide.

The remote solution is designed to work with your company's unique internal process to provide a complete solution in support of offshore projects.

Navigation data, switchable video, and selectable Clear-Com voice communications are available in one integrated, secure system.

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Trust the expertise of 4D Nav's experienced team to provide you with valuable offshore services, including:

Discover how 4D Nav can Streamline your offshore operations

Trust the expertise of 4D Nav's experienced team to provide you with valuable offshore services, including:

  • Engineering analysis
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Installation and training
  • 3D modeling and visualization
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