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Engineering Analysis

Leverage Years of Geomatics and Marine-Industry Experience

Gain valuable insights and analysis from 4D Nav's experienced geomatics engineers. With a diverse range of expertise, you can trust our engineering team to provide services ranging from design analysis to field management.

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Solve Complex Problems, Faster

Face unexpected complications and complex position-related problems head-on with the help of 4D Nav's engineering analysis team. With the right combination of tools and experience, we can efficiently generate detailed pre-analysis error budgets and conduct forensic data investigations to remedy complex anomalies.

Analysis Services

  • Raw data processing to reconstruct surveys or sequences of events
  • Metrology planning to assess operational risks
  • Acoustic array layout planning
  • Catenary and touch-down point modeling for clash with existing or proposed subsea assets.

Trust our team of engineering analysts to help your operations run smoothly. Reach out to schedule a call and find out how.

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