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Pipelay Exit Monitoring System

Find the Ideal Angles Every Time

Visualize and log pipe positions to find ideal exit angles. With 4D Nav's Pipelay Exit Monitoring System (PEMS), offshore pipe lay operators can easily monitor and log pipe exit positions to prevent costly, time-consuming mistakes.

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Designed for Marine Industry Pros

Built on the back of 4D Nav's industry-leading NavView positioning and navigation software, PEMS is a feature-rich program that meets all the essential requirement of DNV-OS-F101 for pipe exit monitoring and logging.

Accurate Laser Measuring System

PEMS uses precise laser measurements to monitor and record real-time pipe center position changes. Not only does this make for accurate and effective determination of the pipe center position while exiting the lay vessel tensioner, but also allows for the determination of pipe exit angle, which along with the tensioner and pipe data, can be fed into an OrcaFlexTM solution for real-time catenary modeling of the pipe.

Real-Time Bullseye View

Track deviations and movement with a simple-to-read bullseye view. The display is in real-time and based on raw laser data that calculates the center and radius of the pipe.

Custom Configurations

Users can easily configure pipe diameters and warning zones or rely on dynamic calculations driven by laser data and real-time tension measurements.

Simple Installation Requirement

Most vessels can accommodate PEMS without modification. Installation requirements are limited to a power supply and a single data cable while the processing computer fits the back of a display monitor. The PEMS system is a compact, non-intrusive system that will easily interface and adapt to any pipelay system.

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