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Perform consistent calculations and streamline subsea metrology operations with 4D Nav's Metrology solution. This application provides offshore teams with an all-in-one solution for project planning, data collection, analysis, and LBL network adjustments. The application will then use the finalized data to perform the critical metrology calculations, and complete the reporting process.

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NavView's metrology application has the flexibility required to tackle the most complicated metrologies. From simple hub to hub vertical metrologies to complex "close-out spool" horizontal metrologies, the software has the capability to complete all tasks associated with the calculations without the need for uncontrolled spreadsheets.

streamline subsea metrology operations

Seamless imports and extensive features

4D Nav's unique ability to connect directly to Sonardyne hardware makes this software application a "must have" when working on metrology campaigns.

Effortlessly import vital metrics and data, including LBL acoustic, dimensional control, inclinometer, gyrocompass, sound velocity, and pressure data allows for a very comprehensive software package to cover all aspects of a metrology without the need for other 3rd party software products.

Using a cascading calculation method, starting for attitude data, then a vertical least squares adjustment of depth data, and finishing with a horizontal network adjustment of the acoustic range, 4D Nav's built-in statistical modeling makes it quick and easy to identify outliers and erroneous data sets to complete the final metrology calculations with precision and confidence.

additional features

  • Planning functionality for offshore and onshore teams
  • Flexible anytime updates and adjustments to the base case plan
  • Transceiver integration for seamless data collection
  • Analysis using statistical modeling
  • IMCA standard metrology diagrams
  • Built-in reporting with easy exporting to Microsoft Excel or PDF
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