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Remote Survey

Scale with Expert, Remote Support

Get access to real-time survey data, video, and two-way audio communications with 4D Nav's Remote Survey solution.

This state-of-the-art software and hardware solution brings extreme telepresence to offshore operations by connecting on-shore surveying experts with offshore field teams.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Quality Control
  • Diagnostics
  • Real-time intervention

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Tried, Tested, and Proven 200+ Times

4D Nav began developing an advanced remote survey solution in 2016, progressing to commercial operations in 2019. The solution has undergone years of field trials and tests to prove its utility, efficiency, and reliability. Since then, we’ve completed over 200 remote projects.

Benefits of working with 4D Nav's Remote Survey Team

  • Individualized support designed to work with your company’s internal processes
  • Control of peripherals when connected to the remote computer
  • Ability to operate with fewer field personnel 
  • Ability to handle multiple vessels simultaneously from an onshore operations center
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Extreme Telepresence

The 4D Nav remote solution is a comprehensive package that does more than take the place of an offshore role; it enables shore-based operators to simultaneously manage multiple vessels by leveraging NavView’s powerful algorithms. Rather than commoditizing the remote offering, 4D Nav’s solution enables the management of project risk by allowing clients to utilize fewer resources to conduct multiple projects. It’s designed to operate in a stand-alone mode with no operators offshore or in a hybrid mode where a team of on-shore and offshore personnel work together. When used in a hybrid mode our architecture synchronizes the systems so changes made on one station are reflected on the other.   

Flexible Integration

4D Nav’s remote solution can be applied to any of our software products, making it the most comprehensive remote solution on the market.

4D Nav’s Generation 2 Remote Operations Control System (ROCS) is the latest in hardware provided by 4D Nav to enable support to control peripheral devices such as Sonardyne USBL, GPS, Gyro, INS, and sound velocity profilers, making it an easy to deploy remote solution.

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